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Healthy MPO Symposium - 11/8/2017

Register: Creating Healthy Communities in Metropolitan Regions

You are invited to Creating Healthy Communities in Metropolitan Regions, a symposium in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, November 8th from 12 – 4 p.m. EDT . The symposium will be hosted by Transportation for America (T4America) and the American Public Health Association (APHA).

Please fill out the form on this page to register for the symposium and help us plan for you attendance.

MPO board members are encouraged to attend the symposium.

Experts from a handful of MPOs across the country will share how their respective MPOs are planning, funding, and implementing more — and better — bicycling and walking projects in metropolitan regions. The details of each MPO’s initiative — and a handful of others — will be published in a forthcoming guidebook for MPOs, a continuation of a series of case studies and a policy paper on the topic already published by T4America and APHA.

Our confirmed speakers are:

  • John Robert Smith, Chairman, Transportation for America. A former mayor of Meridian, MS, John Robert will talk about the importance of building communities that allow people to walk and bicycle for transportation, both to create strong local economies and to help people be healthier.
  • Amy Goodwin, Livability & Transportation Program Manager, Atlanta Regional Commission – ARC’s nationally recognized Livable Centers Initiative lends encouragement to other regions to focus growth, development and active transportation projects around defined city and town centers.
  • Peter Gies, Transportation Planner, Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization – The Broward MPO knows how to build a successful, institutionalized complete streets program by working closely with elected officials, implementing agencies, advocates, and community members. 
  • Amelia Costanzo, Planning Manager, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission – MORPC also implements a complete streets program in rural, suburban and urban areas across their region. They will offer advice on how to run a regional complete streets program and how to work with diverse geographies and people to create a successful, broad-reaching program. 

What these MPOs have accomplished are no small feats and they have much to share. At the symposium, they will offer advice for their peer MPO staff to take home, as well as insights into how they created viable plans, programs and policies by working in concert with their board and community members. We hope you are able to join us to learn about your peer regions’ work to promote health and address inequities through regional transportation planning.